Welcome to a World Meditation

Send love and light to every leader in the world -- available every hour, every day. Ready when you are.

About this site

This site is a reminder that we are all connected. What happens in one part of the world affects all of the other parts.

Consider the idea that every leader in the world needs love and light. We may not agree on a particular way of life but we all share the good and bad of this world we live in. By participating in an ongoing group meditation we can each make a contribution to the quality of life we experience together.

Join us the first day of each month at 9 PM, Eastern Time. Can't make it at that time? Not a problem. Just come when you can. You will be connected to the other mediators who are also sending light and love!

 Your intent should be the same each time you do this: Send light and 

Feel compassion and love for

• The Earth - Gaia
• All peoples of Earth
• All other life forms on Earth. 

It will help greatly if you actually BELIEVE that prayer and meditation can make a difference. The key focus as we do this is to FEEL the compassion for ourselves and for all others. 


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A Global Meditation

Monthly Meditation

Meet up the first of each month at 9 PM, Eastern Time. A 15-minute meditation is all you need to contribute.

Hourly Meditation

Can't be part of the monthly meditation? We are open for meditation every hour of every day. Just spend 15 minutes in your personal space.

Participate In Our Global Consciousness

Each meditation is focused on sending light and love with compassion to all of our world leaders. Every 15-minute meditation starts at the beginning of each hour every day.